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Crafted herbals

Pendants and Rings with Healing Crystals

Raw Black Tourmaline Ring $20


This ring was made with free form silver alloy

Raw Polished Moonstone Pendant $12


This pendant is made of free form silver alloy and polished raw moonstone. Alas, the one on the left has already sold, so the gray stone on the right is the only one left!

Large Moonstone Pendant $14


Moss Agate Ring $23 and Free Shipping

Moss agate ring

This free form polished moss agate was  fashioned into an adjustable ring from U.S. size 7 to 9 with flowing silver alloy, then washed in consecrated water and charged with Reiki.

Labradorite Choker


This beautiful piece of labradorite has a golden sheen and is fully charged with Reiki. This choker is 11-13 inches. $24 and free shipping

Jaguar Stone Ring $20


The Jaguar stone protects during astral travel, facilitates self healing, and connection with the animal world.

Jaguar Stone Pendant $14


Labradorite Ring $30

Labradorite Ring

This ring was made with a Reiki charged free form polished labradorite stone and is adjustable between sizes 7-9.

Reiki Charged Moss Agate Choker


This beautiful moss agate was formed into a pendant with free flowing silver alloy, washed in consecrated water, and charged by a Reiki master. The velvet choker is 11" with adjustable linkage. $27 and free shipping

2017 Eclipse Charged Quartz Pendant


This unique pendant is fashioned with silver flow alloy around a luminous quartz cluster dug by a witch from the earth here in South Carolina. This quartz has been charged with the power of the full 2017 solar eclipse in the path of totality. $35, free shipping

Celestite All Saints Water Globe Ring


This delicate glass ring contains raw celestite chips, consecrated rain water collected on All Saint's day 2018, and sparkle mica. $30, free shipping

Brecciated Jasper Ring $30

Brecciated Red Jasper Ring

This adjustable silver over copper band ring was made with a Reiki charged free form polished deep red jasper with gold veins for strengthening and grounding.

Aragonite Star Cluster Pendant $50


This beautiful star cluster was turned into a pendant with inconspicuously placed free form flow silver alloy, and is charged with Reiki. The stainless steel ball chain may be trimmed with jewelers pliers to a shorter length if desired.