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Crafted herbals

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Black Ghoul Soap


This soap was made with activated charcoal & sparkling mica colored glycerin soap & scented with a blend of mysterious essential oils. $4 each, 3 available

Lemonbalm, Basil & Clover OA Herbal Soap

Lemonbalm Basil & Clover olive and almond oil soap

This 2 oz soap was made with pure virgin olive oil & sweet almond oil infused with fresh pesticide free lemonbalm, basil & white clover blossoms from the garden, purified spring rain water, green lab synthesized mica, lemongrass, lemonbalm & basil essential oils. 4 available. $13 with free shipping, or get all 4 for $24 and free shipping.

Patchouli Rose Mint Soap $13, free shipping

Patchouli rose mint soap

This pure saponified olive and almond oil soap is infused with fresh rose petals, patchouli & mint & is scented with a combination of patchouli, mint & rose geranium essential oils & rose fragrance. Piece wt > 2 oz.

BeCalmed Bath Set $8


This set contains one 6 oz Castile soap made with saponified olive oil, safflower oil, lavender, chamomile & clary sage essential oils & sparkle blue & yellow micas, and one 3 oz tablet shaped bath bomb that contains sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, coconut oil, polysorbates 80 & 20, yellow sparkle mica & chamomile essential oil. 1 set available. Soap may be purchased seperately.

Honeydew Melon Juice soap


This blend of saponified olive, sweet almond & coconut oils and soy wax was made with fresh honeydew melon juice, lab synthesized mica, green oxide & fragrance. Each piece weighs > 2 oz.

BlackBerry Soap

Blackberry soap

This soap was made with the fresh squeezed juice of our own organic blackberries harvested under the July sun, saponified olive, coconut & almond oils, Non GMO soy wax, mica, activated charcoal & fragrance. Each piece weighs over 2 o

Sweet & Ugly Soap

Summer flowe soap

This soap did not turn out looking as planned, but o does it ever smell gooood..if sweet summer flower is your thing!. 

MidWinter Soap $3


This soap contains saponified olive, babassu & sweet almond oils, a complex blend of vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli & basil essential oils, oak moss and other fragrance components, with ultramarine blue and mica for color contrast. Each bar weighs over 5.5 oz. 1 bar availalable

Full Happiness Soap $6

Mimosa soap, Albizzia Julibrissin

This soap was made with extracts from our own organic Albizzia Julibrissin flowers. My Grandmother introduced me to these special trees, commonly called Mimosas here. The scent of their flowers has always intoxicated me, and this plant has a long history in traditional medicine of it's countries of origin. Bar wt > 5 oz, 4 available

1 lb Lilac Castile Soap $20, free shipping


This is the last Lilac Soap of the season, and it has a little blemish in the corner due to some clumsiness with a spatula so it is ...ON SALE! This 100% pure olive oil soap contains extracts from fresh homegrown lilacs, a light purple mica swirl, and heady lilac fragrance.