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Very Berry Ladybug & Bubble Cookie Set

This set is Very Berry delicious! The sweet little ladybug glycerin soap is hand felted with dyed wool, and the Bubble cookie contains no sodium lauryl sulfate. Just crumble the cookie under running water to enjoy Very Berry bubbles. Special Price: $8

Spring Awakening Herbal Soap

This soap contains the essence of 3 early spring herbs: Dandelion, Henbit and Deadnettle. These herbs have played roles in ancient skin care, from poultices to washes! Also contains: saponified olive, coconut & Shea butter, mica, biosafe glitter, coriander, rose geranium & palmarosa essential oils. Special price: $3

Ultimate Lemonbalm Soap and Bubble Set

This super large felted soap is loaded with our own fresh homegrown organic lemonbalm! The bubble bath powder is scented with just the right amount of lemonbalm essential oil!  Special Price: $12

Spring Rose Soap

This soap was made with the first roses of spring infused into olive oil and purified spring rain water, almond milk, sodium lactate, glycerin, sorbitol, propylene glycol, sodium stearate, biosafe glitter, mica & fragrance. $4

Rice Water & Gardenia Castile Soap

This 100% olive oil soap was made with our own homegrown gardenia blossom extract, gardenia fragrance oil, pink mica, and rain soaked rice water. Piece wt 2 oz. $3 

Vegan Viola Castile Soap

This 100% saponified olive oil soap was made with infusions of several Viola species from our garden. Violet species have been named Heartsease in folklore for their alleged ability to soothe broken hearts. Piece wt 2 oz. $3

Milk Thistle Castile Soap

Rejuvenate and exfoliate with this 100% saponified olive oil soap that is infused with our own homegrown organic  milk thistle and ground milk thistle seeds. wt 2.5 -3 oz. $1 unscented-$4 lavender scented.

Confidence and Success Soap

This blend of saponified olive, coconut & castor oils, raw Shea butter, sweet almond & safflower oils has been infused with herbs of power in the areas of prosperty and love! A blend of Basil, Lavender, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Vetiver essential oils give it oomph and scent. Bar wt 4 oz. $6