Bubbling Salt Soaks

My less puffy arthritic hand

Do You Suffer From Arthritis Pain Like I Do?

I live with a form of inflammatory arthritis that makes it super hard to get going, due to pain and stiffness. I DO NOT take pharmaceuticals because so many people I have encountered have suffered negative effects that are just as awful as the arthritis its self! Oh yes, in the beginning, I did take the pills that my doctor prescribed, and my quality of life was NOT improved at all. In fact, other systems in my body began to suffer! I got terribly sick from the so called medications, so I ditched them. They were never going to cure my disease, unless one considers heart attacks, strokes or stomach bleeds curative.

Lots of Bubbles and Quality Mineral Salts!

Relieve Pain and Get Moving Naturally!

Almost the first thing I do every single day is soak in a salt bath. This is the way that I get moving! Sometimes, I soak morning, noon and night when I am having extra pain and stiffness. Crafted Herbals Bubbling Salt soaks are designed specially to provide gentle relief and soaking pleasure.

Rose Epsom Salt Blend

Quality Minerals Blended for Relief and Relaxation

Our Bubbling soaks are made with the finest mineral salts, herbs, essential oils and fragrances. We use naturally derived sodium lauryl sulfoacetate to provide gentle bubbles, and the finest vegetable oils to provide skin protection. 

Bubbling Salt of The Week: Mineral Rose


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This gently fragrant Bubbling Salt bath is packed with Magnesium sulfate to ease pain and stiffness, coconut oil to mediate dryness, cornstarch and sodium bicarbonate to deliver silkiness, and rose fragrance to bring the garden inside. For a limited time, this 4 ounce sample size is available with free shipping.